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Learning how your courses transfer to BC Universities

BC's Online Transfer Guide

BC's Online Transfer Guide is an electronic version of the British Columbia Transfer Guide. Here, information on a vast assortment of transfer possibilities is presented, both in reference documents and in a searchable database.

Learning about undergraduate programs at post-secondary institutions in BC

Education Planner
Education Planner is a searchable database of undergraduate programs at post-secondary institutions in BC.

Finding out more about applying to BC universities, colleges and institutions

ApplyBC contains admission applications to BC universities, colleges and institutions, information about post-secondary education in BC, financial aid information, and numerous links and resources.

Finding out more about Canadian colleges and universities outside of BC
Provides information on Canadian post-secondary schools. Also has career and scholarship information.

To explore learning and education opportunities, research occupations, and much more.

Finding out more about international colleges and universities

This website links you to websites of colleges and universities around the world.

American Universities
This website contains links, ordered alphabetically, to universities in the United States.

Finding out about programs offered at private post-secondary institutions in BC

Private Career Training Institutions Agency
The Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) provides information about private training and instruction in B.C.

Finding out about distance education opportunities in Canada and the US
Provides information about BC credit courses offered by distance education with some courses available online.

Canadian Virtual University

Provides information about online education from accredited Canadian universities.
This is a distance education website for the United States.

Finding out what students think about their BC post-secondary experience and success in finding employment

Provincial Student Outcomes

The BC College and Institute Student Outcomes project collects and distributes information about former students' level of satisfaction with their educational experience, and their subsequent career and education outcomes. The data are collected approximately 9-12 months after students complete all, or a significant portion, of their program. BC has collected College and Institute Student Outcomes information for 10 years.

Learning about the skills you would develop and potential careers associated with a degree in various disciplines

What Can I do with a Degree/Major In... ?
Links to sites that can help you answer this question.

Finding out how to get your BC high school transcript if it is not available at your high school (see website for criteria)

High School Transcripts
To contact the Ministry of Education for high school transcripts.

Finding out more about careers in BC
Career information for job seekers in BC.