Student Services

Academic success increasingly relies on students taking advantage of the high quality and flexible support services available at the Okanagan College.  Aboriginal Services, Financial Aid and Awards, Educational Advising, Counselling Services, Accessibility Services and others are working together to ensure that students have immediate access to a full range of programs and services that support learning and academic success at Okanagan College.

The student population at Okanagan College is a diverse population, therefore Student Services offers programs and assistance that respond to a wide range of personal and academic needs.  Whether you are a young adult learner transitioning from high school or a mature learner returning after time in the work force there are services to assist you in adjusting to the College experience.  Students who are single parents, students who are juggling work and studies, students with health and disability barriers and students with financial and other lifestyle challenges can also find assistance that meets their unique needs as learners at Okanagan College.  Aboriginal students and students from other linguistic and cultural groups will find opportunities to gather and honour cultural traditions and needs.

Visit the links to the left to find out more about the services offered or make a trip to one of the Okanagan College campuses to hear more about what is available to you.

Student Services Office 250-762-5445 ext. 4119 or 250-862-5451 (S111 - Kelowna Campus).

Student Services Values




Maintaining a welcoming and caring culture that respects diversity because no two students are alike.





Open, honest, and timely communication.





Recognizing and acknowledging the strengths we see in each other.





Meeting students where they are at with the goal of enhancing their sense of independence, identity, and purpose.





A willingness to explore new or creative ways to serve students which may include leveraging technology.