2017 Seminar Topics

                          2017 Seminar Instructors Bio's       

Alaska, Yukon, NWT, and Northern BC   

Duane and Lynda have travelled the North country for many years.  You will benefit of their years of travel as they provide the highlights of those journeys, as well as the do’s and don’t’s of travel in the north.  By: Duane and Lynda Pilson

Appliance Maintenance Part I (oven and furnace)

This session identifies the operation sequence for ovens and furnaces.  It will help you identify potential problems and provide maintenance tips.  If your appliance should fail what can you do to assist the technician diagnose the problem as quickly as possible?  This is not designed as a course to learn how to repair your appliances.  By:  Jon Itterman

Appliance Maintenance Part II (water heater and fridge)

This session identifies the operation sequence for water heaters and fridges. It will help you identify potential problems and provide maintenance tips. If your appliance should fail what can you do to assist the technician diagnose the problem as quickly as possible? This is not designed as a course to learn how to repair your appliances.   By: Jon Itterman

Campgrounds – What do You Expect and What do You Bring

This session will be helpful in finding the right campground for you.  Not all campgrounds are created equal, and there may be good reason why some don’t provide all the same amenities.  There will be discussions as to what is expected of you at the campground and what you can expect.  Also some helpful tips in searching campgrounds.   By: Mary Mandino and Patrick Gramiak

Canadian Snowbird Association

Who we are and what do we do? CSA is national non-profit advocacy organization; dedicated to actively defending and improving the rights and privileges of travelling Canadians. Our most recent work was with the Federal Election helping absentee Canadians to get to vote (this is a first in Canada). We have also just completed "The Canadian Travelers' Report Card" which rates the Federal and Provincial Governments Health Coverage for frequent travelers. Find out more about this association. By: Jim Sherb

Canada 150 Years

If you haven’t already, than order your Canada 150 Passport online for free national park and heritage sites admittance. Then join us for a fun trip around Canada checking out the various places.  Come share your favorite places with us as we set off to explore more National Parks.  By: Barb Rees

Caravaning - Is it for Us? 

For those of you who have ever considered RVing as part of a Caravan, regardless of where, this session will provide you with lots of information about that topic.  Duane and Lynda have led caravans into the north for many years.   They will be able to share the good and the bad to caravanning. 
By:  Duane and Lynda Pilson

Checklists 101

When RVing, it becomes more difficult to ensure that you are remembering everything that you need and need to do. This session will help with finding good checklists and modifying them to suit your individual needs. It will provide you sources of checklists for packing your RV, for setting up camp and for breaking camp. This session will use a computer lab so you will be able to select and modify your own checklists.  You do need to have basic cut and paste principals on a computer. 
By: Al Cohoe

Customizing Your RV

Get More out of your RVing. This seminar helps new and experienced RVers enhance their camping experience. The seminar includes practical modification/additions that can  add fun and reduce stress in all types of camping from full hookups to dry camping. It introduces common modifications that most DIY'ers can do or have a professional do for them. It starts with simple and low cost customizations geared towards safety and progresses to more sophisticated ones for comfort and enjoyment.  We speak from experience as we have done all of these ourselves.  By: John Clarke

Diesel Vehicle Maintenance

This session will discuss the maintenance that is particular to a diesel vehicle. What maintenance is required and how often is it required, are just a few of the questions that will be answered. Discussions will also be about fuel rating, coolant cavitation and much more.   By: Doug Noble           

Driving Tips

You bought an RV (doesn’t matter what type) and now whether you plan on driving it thousands of miles across these great countries of ours, or just to the local campground of fishing hole, there are many things to think about with regard to driving.  There are some licensing requirements, and everything is bigger than you are used to.  This session will give you some tips on how to get to your destination safely.  By: Jim Ingram and Al Cohoe

Electrical Tips

Electrical system is the heart of most of our systems. What can you do to prevent most electrical nuisance problems? This course will provide you with tips and explain system expectations to help prevent you from having problems. By: Jon Itterman

Full Time RVer Journey's

Come and join John And Gerry for a photgraphic journey of their travels from Alaska to Mexico, across Canada to the Maritimes and down the Eastern Seaboard of USA and back up the West Coast.  They will include experiences from the past couple of years, with information and suggestions of where to stay and what to see. John Wendt and Gerry Evans

Generator Servicing

This seminar will answer questions on how to extend the life of your generator. Learn tips on how to service and maintain your generator for peak efficiency. What is considered exercise for your generator? By: John Wendt                                       

Here to There with the Basics

This session will take the RVer from here to there describing operating procedures to use when getting ready, leaving home, while travelling, when camping and returning home.  It also covers the needs for circle check and system checks.  We will also spend a little time discussing the various courses available over the weekend and help to make decisions as to the right session for each individual.   By: Jim Ingram

Holding Tanks- Fall & Winter Preparation & Maintenance Tips

Simple problems with your water system can ruin your holiday.  This session deals with the structure and operation of all tanks - black, grey, fresh and water heater tanks as well as RV plumbing.  It will include useful habits and proper DIY procedures to prepare your RV tanks for fall camping and to winterize your RV for trouble-free operations next season.  By: KC Chavda & John Clarke            

Holding Tanks- Spring & Summer preparation & maintenance tips

This session gets the new RVers started with proper basic dumping procedures and habits including dumping and flushing equipment choices, good and bad tank treatments and general tank maintenance tips for trouble-free operation. Also, presented will be DIY procedures on summerizing and sanitizing your tanks for a safe and trouble free RV experience. It will include suggested web-sites for more information and info on a site that offer tank dumping locations throughout North America.   By: KC Chavda & John Clarke


What is an inverter and how does it work? Why are inverters becoming more common in RV's. This session will answer these questions and more, while providing tips on sizing, maintenance and use.
By: Harold Lunner

Medical Travel Insurance Mysteries Revealed

What is the biggest worry RV’ers face today? Most people would say accidents or claims damaging their RV.  Some might say it is the price of gas or increasing costs of camping.  But in reality, the biggest worry is having a health related claim that is not covered by provincial or employment benefits insurance, because it may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and financially cripple or destroy your family life as you know it today. There are many complications and difficulties when it comes to Travel Medical Insurance because these policies are not regulated by the government.  Learn how to protect yourself and get the best value for your insuring dollar.  By: Al Dadswell

Mexico - The Mainland and More

This session would instruct people on how lots of need to know information on travelling in Mexico -  to drive down there, what the police are like, what RV parks are like, insurance issues, what you need to take,  pet issues, how to protect your RV(from bad power for eg), advantages & disadvantages of a caravan, and how to handle the paperwork involved.  By:  Paul Beddows

Motorhome Dinghy Towing Tips and Fundamentals

This session will deal with decisions such as choosing the right towing system, tow bar or tow dolly.  We will talk about flat tow vs. wheels up (dolly towing).  There will be information on hooking and unhooking a towing system as well as maintaining your towing system.   By: Wayne Mitchell

New and Different Ideas for Salads & BBQs

When RVing we sometimes get into a rut with our eating so this session will provide you with new ideas to help move away from meal boredom.  Yes there is yet another way to cook in an RV setting. And what the heck is SOUS VIDE?  Come join us for a new culinary experience that you can take with you in your RV.
By: Reinhard Foerderer

Newfoundland An Exotic Land

In 32 days the Rees’s explored most of Newfoundland from east to west. Wild coastlines with the largest seabird colonies in the world, puffins, whales, and ice bergs compete for wow factor with hospitable Newfoundlanders. You’ll learn tips on ferries, weather, places to see, and travel.  By: Barb Rees.                        

Personal Safety “How you can be safe and secure and still RELAXED”

This session will discuss RV security while occupying your RV and while away from it as well as security of your personal items, such as where not to stow them. Other topics will be what you should know about the area where you are overnighting and how to find the information you need. Ever wondered what to watch for as far as hitchhikers and transients? By: Arch Doody

Propane Part I

This session will provide safety related information regarding the handling and use of propane. We will talk about the difference between propane and butane, and why you need to know.  Obtain the information that everyone using propane needs to ensure the safety of themselves and of others. Be comfortable that propane is provided to you in a safe manner.   By: Al Cohoe

Propane Part II

This session will talk about all the components in your propane system. How do all the components work together to provide you with clean and safe propane fueled appliances.   We will discuss their life expectancy, and what you need to know to ensure safe operation of this system for years to come.   By: Al Cohoe

RV Driveline Maintenance & Service

What is required for scheduled maintenance on the RV driveline, regardless of whether a motorhome or a tow vehicle. What servicing can you do and what needs to be serviced by a mechanic.  By: Cam McRobb

RVing in Euorpe

Ferne has 1/6th ownership in a 21 foot class C, diesel powered Ford engine, motorhome stored and maintained near Dusseldorf Germany. The motorhome is named Wandering Wanda.  She has used it for three consecutive years for 3 weeks at a time with the following trips

 1) Holland, Belgium & Luxembourg 
 2) From the Churches Europe book, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia & Czech Republic
 3) Germany Switzerland and Northern Italy.
For renting and exciting travel through the European countryside  By: Ferne Northcott

RVing in Southern Europe on a Budget

Rent a motorhome, and travel through Spain, Italy and southern France. Find out what is available for free camping spots in Europe and where to find that information.   Have you always wanted to have a dream trip to the beaches and sites in southern Europe and not break the bank.   It is possible. 
By: Kathy Hubble

RV Insurance - Decoded

When it comes to insuring your RV, most people go see their ICBC agent or local insurance provider.  They walk away believing that their RV is properly insured.  Then a claim occurs and then they find out that not all RV Insurance is the same!  Why?  Because RV Insurance is not a regulated coverage, so any insurer can give you a policy, but the coverage options can vary as much as the price of an RV!  Did you buy the loaded package or the basic package or are you somewhere in between?  What sort of financial hardship might you incur if you purchase the wrong policy for your RV?  Find out what no one will tell you about insuring your RV so you can make sure that the package you have is the right one for you with By: Al Dadswell

Save Money on the Road

Can you afford to keep RVing as the cost of fuel and campgrounds goes up? Yes you can!  In an interactive audience setting Barb will share tips on how to save money, make money, and where to boondock besides in a mall lot. If you have recipes that make cooking easy and cheap please bring them, as well as your budget tips.  By Barb Rees                                                     

Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming a popular option. How do they work, can I use them to make my unit self-contained, how many do I need and how do we mount them? This session will provide answers to these and many other questions while giving tips on sizing, maintenance and use. Batteries and their relationship to the solar panels will be discussed.   By: Harold Lunner

Snowbirding and Fulltiming

Join John And Gerry for tips on snowbirding and a lot more. This session will deal with keeping connected while on the road, banking, useful RV websites, preparing for full timing, camping memberships snowbirding and our experiences while traveling Alaska, across Canada, the US and North Western Mexico.  By John and Gerry Wendt

Tank Treatments: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

What treatment is the right one for me? Are they environmentally safe for RVs, septic systems and sewage treatment plants? What about home brew treatments that get passed on at the campgrounds? This seminar will break down some of the myths and “green labeled” mumbo jumbo. It will show you how to read the labels and tell you what mean. Please bring your tank treatment with you.   By: John Clarke                  

Towing Hitches - what I need to know?

This session will help with types of hitches – both trailer and fifth wheel.  We will talk 
about types of hitches, components of hitches, sizing of hitches as well as coupling and uncoupling hitch safely.   Also discuss some of the things to think about when purchasing any hitch. By: Wayne Mitchell

Trailer Suspension, Brakes and Bearings

This session will be a guide to the different types of trailer suspensions and components. It will provide answers to the care and maintenance of suspension systems, brakes and bearings. It will also include discussions regarding the different types of brake controllers and adjustments.  By: Jon Itterman

Water Works

Learn about your water system from the fresh water tank to the toilet. Take a trip down your water lines and find out how the parts work to supply you and your RV with water. Learn the maintenance that you should be providing for your water system.  By: Jim Ingram

Weights, Weights and more Weights

Statistics show that over 50% of RVs exceed one of the weights of their Class A, 5th wheel, Trailer or tow vehicle. Exceeding weights causes unsafe driving conditions that can jeopardize your safety on the road. It is considered a traffic offence and police are clamping down. How many times have you heard - “No problem your truck can pull that (heavy) trailer or 5th wheel when you go shopping”. Is that really true? This seminar will inform you of what weights are critical, why, how to stay legal and safe. This is a must seminar for new buyers, and owners of all RVs.   By: KC Chavda & John Clarke            

What to Look for in Tires

What does the information on a tire mean and what do you need to know about the tires for your recreation vehicle? What do your tires require to ensure maximum life and safety? You will find answers to these questions and more.   By: Cam McRobb