Electrician Apprenticeship Level I – Blended Program 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a “Blended program”?

A Blended program is a program that includes both traditional face-to-face instruction, as well as online learning. 

How is this program different from other programs?

This program differs from the traditional 10-week on-campus Electrician Apprenticeship program in that it requires only 5 weeks of on-campus instruction. Instead, this course will require students to engage in online learning for a total of 12 weeks, in addition to their 5 weeks completed on-campus.

During the on-campus component of the program, the apprentice will receive 30 hours of practical and theoretical instruction. During the online component, the apprentice will be expected to commit a minimum of 12.5 hours per week of online instruction/study.

What are the dates of the program?

This program will run from March 27, 2017 to July 21, 2017. 

Where is the on-campus portion of this program completed?

The on-campus portion of the program will occur at the Kelowna OC Campus (1000 K.L.O. Rd).

How much does this program cost?

The total tuition and fees for this program are $1221.40 (subject to change). The cost of textbooks is separate from tuition. A textbook list can be found at www.okanagan.bc.ca/tradesdocs under Electrician Level 1.

Can I access EI while taking this program?
Yes, apprentices taking this program are covered by EI

Are there any shortcuts to get this program done sooner?

No, the Blended program is 17 weeks in length. 

What is the evaluation process?

Evaluations will include tests and final exams completed on campus. The online portion of the course will include assignments and student participation but will not be evaluated for marks.

Do I earn my Red Seal if I complete this program?
No. This course is the first term (of four) toward earning your Red Seal Certification. Successful completion of all four terms will provide you with 1,200 training hours. At the conclusion of level four technical training you will write your Red Seal examination. Once the Red Seal examination has been successfully completed and you have earned 6,000 work-based hours you will be given Red Seal Certification.

What is done during the on-campus portion of this program?

The first week of on-campus instruction will be an orientation week where you will meet your cohort and be introduced to the materials, equipment, and expectations of the program, as well as begin instruction to the material. Weeks 6, 11, and 16 will involve reviewing the online material delivered in previous weeks, as well as performing labs pertaining to this material and assessing theory and practical competency. You will also be introduced to the material to be covered in the following weeks of online learning. Week 17 (the final week of the program) will include a review of all material in preparation for the final practical and written examinations. All CEC (Canadian Electrical Code), blueprints, labwork, and exams will be completed on-campus.

What is done during the online portion of this program?

Students/apprentices will read assigned material, log on to the OC website to access tutorial videos, complete assignments, complete tests for comprehension, post questions and participate in student forums. The instructor will lead a weekly webinar aimed at engaging student Q&A and monitoring student progress. There also will be an online collaborative session during the middle of each 4-week online portion of the course (Weeks 3, 8, and 13). 

Who can apply?

OC recommends that an Apprentice have completed a Grade 12 education that includes appropriate English, Math and Science courses. Each employer may have specific requirements for apprentices. You should discuss these with your prospective employer.

You must be working in the trade and have registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) in order to enroll in an Apprenticeship course at Okanagan College.  

Apply / Contact Us

To apply now, or for more information on this program, please call 1-800-621-3038 or contact Delaney Ross at 250-762-5445 (ext. 4880) or apprenticeship@okanagan.bc.ca