Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Apprenticeship, Entry Level Trades and Technical Training – if you don’t find the answer to your question here, contact the Apprenticeship Office or visit
What is Apprenticeship?

jpgApprenticeship is an agreement between a person (an Apprentice) who wants to learn a skill and an employer who needs a skilled worker. An Apprenticeship combines on-the-job training, usually under the supervision of a Journeyperson, with classroom instruction/training at a post-secondary institution like OC. An Apprentice’s time is usually divided as follows: 80 per cent is on the job and 20 per cent is learning in the classroom for the duration of the Apprenticeship.

What is an Apprentice?

An Apprentice must be working in a trade and registered with ITA.  The Apprentice learns their trade under the supervision and direction of a certified Journeyperson.  The Apprentice attends periods of technical training at a post-secondary institution.

What is a Journeyperson?

A Journeyperson is someone who has successfully completed an apprenticeship and received a Certificate of Apprenticeship or Certificate of Qualification in their trade.

How long is an Apprenticeship?
  • Apprenticeships can range from one to five years, depending on the trade. The average Apprenticeship lasts four years.
  • Apprentices spend between four and 10 weeks per year receiving classroom training. Each Apprentice is responsible for arranging their technical training and for tuition and textbook costs.
  • While attending classroom training, most Apprentices may be eligible to receive employment insurance benefits and supplementary allowances. 
What’s in an Apprenticeship for you?

As an Apprentice, you receive on-the-job training that offers an opportunity to earn a living while learning valuable skills that can lead to a rewarding and challenging career.

How do you choose a trade?
  • Review your options – look at all the possible trades you could learn.
  • Look at the pre-requisites for the trades that interest you -- do your skills, interests and education match?
  • Talk to employers and people working in those trades that appeal to you to get first-hand information from the people who know the trade best.
  • Discuss your choice with your family and/or high school or career counselor.
  • To get the inside story visit
  • Visit a Community Career Center supported by Services Canada, such as Work BC in Kelowna or visit Okanagan College's Welcome Center and meet with an Education Advisor.  Undergoing a proper career and employment assessment will get you on track to identify what careers are best suited for you.   
How do you become an Apprentice?
What are the educational requirements for an Apprenticeship?
  • OC recommends that an Apprentice has completed a Grade 12 education that includes appropriate English, Math and Science courses.  However, a Grade 10 education is still an acceptable minimum standard in some trades. 
  • Each employer may have specific requirements for Apprentices. You should discuss these with your prospective employer.

For further information contact the Apprenticeship Office at (250) 762-5445 ext. 4347, 4880, 4687 or toll free 1-800-621-3038.  If calling outside BC toll free (North America only) 1-877-755-2266.