Programs (Calendar Information)

Computer Science offers courses in several programs: CIS, BCIS, service courses, University Studies, and general interest.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) is a two-year diploma program, available with Co-op Education. It includes five courses per semester for four semesters, with the possibility of up to five Co-op workterms. It functions as the first two years of the BCIS. That is, if you complete the two years of the CIS diploma you may transfer into the third year of the BCIS degree. Such transfer may also be possible for graduates of other similar two-year diplomas.

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) is a four-year applied degree program, available with Co-op Education. It includes five courses per semester and allows you to specialize in software development, database management, or systems.

Service courses are Computer Science courses taken as part of other OC programs. At present, these courses are limited to COSC 115.

University Studies courses are Okanagan College courses for which agreements are in place to have the courses accepted for credit at a university should you wish to transfer there, to get a Bachelor of Science degree, for example. COSC 111, 121, 211, 221, 222, and 231 are University Studies courses.

A general interest course (COSC 122) is a course for anyone who wants a non-technical overview of the field of computing. COSC 180 is an introduction to computer programming, using media (audio or video) examples. Many students taking courses towards the Associate of Arts degree take one of these courses.

Okanagan College looks forward to receiving students from other institutions within BC and elsewhere. If you would like to see how the courses you took elsewhere transfer to us, you can look at the BC Transfer Guide.

For details on any of our courses or programs, please look in the OC calendar, or contact the chair.

Updated: January 5, 2018