CIS Diploma

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) diploma program, four semesters with five courses in each semester, gives you an introduction to the various areas of computing, specifically within an organization or business.

Graduates of the CIS diploma may begin careers in Information Technology, or may continue with further studies. These further studies may involve Okanagan College's Bachelor of Computer Information Systems (BCIS) degree, vendor certification, and/or studies at other post-secondary institutions.

Calendar information

The Okanagan College calendar gives the admission requirements, program outline and graduation requirements for the CIS program on this page .

Further information from the department

Note that some of these courses are taken with students in the Network and Telecommunications Engineering Technology program. The goal is that there will be cross-program project courses possible as a result of this mingling. Of course, this also allows students who have decided they are in the wrong program to switch more easily.

First year is common to all CIS students.

Fall Semester, Year 1 Winter Semester, Year 1
CMNS 113 CMNS 123
COSC 109 COSC 126
COSC 111
COSC 121
COSC 118 COSC 131
MATH 139 COSC 221

Some courses will also require you to register in a lab. Thus, when you are registering for courses, here are the courses for which you would normally register.

Fall Semester, Year 1 Winter Semester, Year 1
CMNS 113 CMNS 123
COSC 109, including lab COSC 126, including lab
COSC 111, including lab COSC 121, including lab
COSC 118, including lab COSC 131, including lab
MATH 139 COSC 221

Last updated: 2015 08 05