Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the department chair? Rick Gee, rgee@okanagan.bc.ca, (250) 762-5445 local 4634, has his term expiring 2015-06-30. To make sure that you contact the department chair, you may wish to use this address instead

2. How many people are in the department? Nine, plus two honorary members

3. Who are they? Reza Abbasi, Arthur Boehm, Rick Gee (chair), Alan Kennedy, Youry Khmelevsky, Peter Kossowski, Dan Ling, Rob McArthur, and Deborah Warren.

The honorary members are Sheilagh Seaton, a member of the Business Administration department and a former member of the Computer Science department, and Richard Christie, a member of the Physics and Astronomy department and participant on many Computer Science selection committees.

4. Where do you offer the CIS diploma program? The complete program is offered only in Kelowna. Selected courses are offered in Penticton, Vernon, and (sometimes) Salmon Arm.

5. Where do you offer the BCIS degree program? The complete program is offered only in Kelowna. Selected courses are offered in Penticton, Vernon, and (sometimes) Salmon Arm.If you want to take your first year of courses outside Kelowna, look at skip the details on our BCIS degree page.

6. Where do you offer service courses for engineering technology programs? At the campuses where the engineering technology programs are offered. At the moment this is only Kelowna.

7. Where do you offer University Studies courses? In Kelowna, since many of the courses are part of CIS and BCIS. In Vernon and Penticton, and occasionally in Salmon Arm.

8. Where are your labs? Details about all our labs, regardless of campus, are available here! Over on the right hand side, click the campus which interests you.

9. What are the strengths of the department? Small classes, excellent teachers, and excellent facilities. Expertise in systems analysis and design, software development and database management systems. And the strengths of the college itself? Small classes, excellent teachers, excellent facilities, low tuition, and campuses which are close to your home.

10. How you I find out about the programs the department offers? The easiest way is to come to one of our orientation sessions and ask questions. These sessions are scheduled in Kelowna in the spring. The dates will be included on the department home page. If you can't make one of the sessions, look at the home page for more details and a link to the presentation we use.

A map of the Kelowna campus is available here .