Resistance and Revolution

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A new Associate of Arts degree emphasis exclusive to Okanagan College's Salmon Arm campus

Race. Class. Gender. Sexuality. Climate change. Globalization. Social Justice. Inequality. Resistance. Revolution. Are you ready to add your voice to the conversation?

This brand new emphasis offered through the Associate of Arts Degree exposes students to the variety of ways that people around the world have contested and continue to contest social, political, colonial and economic orders. This interdisciplinary program focuses not only on dramatic and large-scale social movements and revolution, but also on small-scale, grassroots efforts aimed at affecting change. Important topics will include the application of critical theories of race, class, gender, and sexuality as well as social movement theories and cultural critique.

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New course: check out IDST 102 – RESISTANCE & REVOLUTION IN THE NEOCOLONIAL PERIOD. Take it as part of the Resistance and Revolution emphasis, or on its own!

This course will examine ideologically motivated and issue-motivated resistance including: The Black Panther Movement, The Weather Underground, Situationalist International, Canadian Prisoners’ Resistance, Anti-globalization Work, the Irish Republican Army and their prison-based resistance, the Grenadian Revolution, The Occupy Movement, and Eco-Activism.

Complete as an elective or as part of the Associate of Arts emphasis in Resistance & Revolution. Consult with instructor regarding pre-requisite – we want you in this course! Click on the image to the right or click here to download the poster.

Admission requirements

ENG 12 60%
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Build a strong foundation in:

  • theories of social justice and equality
  • class and labour relations
  • social movements, and 
  • grass roots organizing


After transfer and additional study career options include:

  • Lawyer
  • Public Policy Developer
  • Community Organizer
  • Human Rights advocate
  • Social Worker
  • Labour Relations Specialist

You will also develop the skills to apply these concepts in the wider community and learn how powerful each individual can be. Students gain a practical understanding of the complex issues in our troubled world and explore alternative futures.

Students in the program may transfer into multiple fields of study for a variety of social justice programs. 

The revolution starts here

This program is unique to Okanagan College's Salmon Arm campus. It is delivered by a team of professors who are experts in topics related to revolution and resistance. Follow this link to meet the faculty.

The revolution starts now

Resistance and Revolution launched in Fall 2017. See what a day in Resistance and Revolution is like. Click here to view the recommended course schedule. Download the brochure here.

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