Dance Challenge

Program and dress your robot(s) to dance to your favourite music.

dance robot

RoboCupJunior Dance allows teams to create a 1 to 2 minute creative stage performance using autonomous robots that the teams have designed, built and programmed. Teams can choose to create either a Dance or a Theatre performance.


'Dance' is a performance closely synchronized to the music. The robot(s) and humans are required to move in time to the beat or rhythm of the music selected in the same way that a human may listen to the beat of music and dance to it. The Dance assessment focuses on the choreography and movement of robot(s) and humans synchronization to music beats.


is a performance in which the robots tell a story or develop a theme supported by music. Theatre assessment is focused on the overall theatrical performance. The performance will be judged by how effectively the robot(s) are used to present a theatrical theme. Examples: Nursery rhymes, movie-­‐inspired performance, sporting theme, sustainability theme etc.


2015 Rules:


These are the official rules for Western Canada RoboCup Junior 2015 based on the 2013 RoboCup junior rules

Dance rules

Dance technical sheet

Dance interview score sheet

Dance performance score sheet


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