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Applications NOW OPEN for SCMT September 2017 intake: Apply Now

NEW: Revised 2-Year SCMT Diploma (pending approval)

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What is Sustainable Construction Management Technology (SCMT)?

                   BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. A forward thinking program designed to enable,
                empower and inspire the emerging generation of construction managers and 
to deliver true sustainable development.

                With an eye to lean and green building principles, a sustainable construction 
                manager organizes and supervises large infrastructure building projects, including 
                sourcing materials, budgeting, scheduling and managing safety procedures and 
                protocols, in ways that minimize the impact of the project on the environment and 
                maximize its energy efficiency.



SCMT Studies Breakdown:

                The students will be introduced to new and emerging technologies and gain an in-depth 
                knowledge of construction industry management practices through the following streams:

                       - Sustainability Studies (34% of credits): Sustainable Construction & Renewable Technologies,
                          Sustainability Assessment, Sustainable Design & Practice, Sustainable Business Case courses
                       - Core Studies (28% of credits): Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Business Administration, 
                          Technical Writing & Communications, Environmental Sociology courses

                       - Building Studies (18% of credits): Construction Methods & Management courses

                       - Commercial Studies
(14% of credits): Procurement, Quantity Surveying & Estimating courses
                       - Project (6% of credits): Project Planning & Delivery courses (final year project)

Program Revision - Two Year Diploma

   View full
program outline for a complete list of SCMT courses.



SCMT Program Facts:

                1) Program is based at the Centre of Excellence, Penticton Campus
                2) Currently a 3-year diploma revised to a 2-year diploma pending board approval
                3) Blends practical, problem-based learning approach with theory and academic rigor
                4) Intake: both high-school graduates and students with industry experience
                5) Optional co-op work term between Years 1 and 2
                6) Yearly intake of up to 40 students

Field Visit

                                                                       SCMT Student Field Trip - Fall 2014


Industry Support for the Program:      

                 SCMT was developed and guided by industry advise and professionals. This 
                program provides an opportunity for the construction industry to consolidate 
                their leadership positions in delivering sustainable development. Graduates are
                leaders in management, understanding and implementation of sustainable 
                technologies. Graduates also have a strong command of the complexities of 
                major project organization. 

                             "As someone working on the front lines of the industry, I can say 
                        there is a real need for this kind of program and for the kind of 
                        graduates it will produce.
~ Patrick Waunch, owner of Rambow Mechanical and past 
                                                                chair of the British Columbia Construction Association

     Okanagan College acknowledges the financial contribution made to the program's 
                curriculum development by the
Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia through 
                its grants program which supports non-profit projects that fit its mandate and funding 
                criteria. The Real Estate Foundation of BC supports sustainable real estate and land
                use practices for the benefit of British Columbians.


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