Portfolio Requirements


Once we have received your application, instructions on how and when to submit your portfolio will be provided. 

All portfolios will be submitted electronically to a secure Okanagan College site.

For questions related to the portfolio, contact the Animation Department Chair:



You’re invited to show us your stuff! Please read through the following requirements and verify the checklist to make sure you have everything before submitting.

We would like to see a minimum of 15 and maximum of 30 pieces of art in your portfolio. Below are the minimum number of pieces required in four different categories: Life Drawing, Perspective Drawing, Digital Artwork and Your Personal Work., with a few ideas listed to help get you started.

We also ask that you include a letter to introduce yourself.

  • Tell us about yourself
  • Let us know who is your greatest inspiration and why?
  • Include what you love to do
  • Share with us why you are interested in animation.

5+ Life drawings (preferably from nudes)

Show us your figure and anatomy drawing! 

  • Gesture drawings (1 – 2 minute sketches)     
  • Study of hands and or feet                              
  • Action pose(s)     
  • Longer anatomy study (20 min+)
  • Any other life drawings

*If you haven’t already, look into to a life drawing class, and you live in Kelowna, you may look here:


3 - 5+ Perspective drawings

Show us some proper perspective drawing! (1-point, 2 point and 3 point – if you dare)

  • Exterior buildings
  • Interior rooms
  • Landscapes demonstrating use of proper perspective
  • Household objects (small appliances, utensils, anything really)
  • Something challenging: a piano with keys or staircase

*Line drawings with very light or no shading preferred

2 – 5+ Digital artwork pieces

Show us your computer skills! Any amazing digital artwork goes. Have you used Flash? Photoshop? Illustrator? Something else? Show us!

5+ Your Personal Work

Show us your original artwork! Anything goes! More of the above or maybe some painting, sculpture, wood working, mixed media, knitting, sewing, cartoons, comics, photography, short film/animation/stop motion animation pieces 5 min or less)

Please note:

  • If you submit film, please make sure it’s 5 min or less and send it as a Quicktime movie or AVI.
  • If you would like to submit 3D creations, please submit 3 great photos of them from different angles (woodworking, knitting projects, sculpture, etc.).
  • Please do not submit more than 2 copied drawings (celebrity, album cover, character), and include a photocopy of the original. (if you copied an amazing picture of a celebrity, include the photo you copied from).

Do you have everything?

  • Your introductory letter
  • Minimum 5 life drawings
  • Minimum 3 perspective drawings
  • Minimum 2 digital images
  • Minimum 5 original pieces
  • All work is original artwork, created by YOU
  • All work is a copy. There are no precious originals
  • You have only included your very best artwork. (It’s better to show 15 great pieces rather than adding more work that doesn’t show your best)

Need help?

Here is a site that may be useful in helping you create your portfolio: