Campus Services

The Students' Union

Okanagan College Students' Union (OCSU) office is in Room H125 in the Health Building.

OCSU Available services include:

Cost depends on the number of pages and the country to which it is being sent.

  • within Canada - $0.25¢  per page plus tax
  • internationally -$2.00 per page
  • to 1-800 numbers - free
Students can buy photocopier cards at the Library. These cards can be used at most photocopiers on campus. Students can also use the photocopier at the Students' Union without the card. Copies are 5¢ per page plus tax or 10¢ double sided 

Photocopier locations

  • Library
  • Students’ Union
ISIC Cards
The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and the StudentSaver Card give full and part-time students access to money-saving discounts across Canada.
The OCSU maintains a housing board located outside their office. Students or community members can post an OCSU Rental ad on the board, and student can contact the people who place theses ads about renting from them.

The Student’s Union offers a number of events throughout the year such as themed parties and movie nights. In addition, they work cooperatively with the Athletics, Recreation & Student Life and International Education departments among others to organize recreational and cultural fun campus wide events.
To park on Campus you need a ticket (from ticket dispensing machines) or parking pass from the registrar office to park your car or motorcycle on campus. Use only ‘Student Lots’. If you are using student residence parking lots, please find out from the residence office where you can park. Avoid getting parking violation tickets, or having your car towed, be aware of parking signs and meter information. See Parking and Transportation 

Smoking policy on campus

Smoking is allowed only in the gazebos. Please respect the space of those who do not smoke. Use proper bins or ash trays to dispose  cigarette butts. Do not leave them in flower beds, garbage bins or on the ground.


For security services dial 6699 from any campus phone.


Use the Library for quiet study or rooms for group study. Photocopiers and computers are available.
For ESL students, there are aids to help you write the TOEFL tests e.g. sample tests, audio tapes, etc.
Consult the Library Guide for services, how to get a library card, loan periods, costs for overdue materials, etc.

For hours of operation phone: 250-762-5445 local 5452

Computer Services

Students can use computers located in the Library Info Commons. There are also several computer labs on campus.
You need student identification to use these labs.

Students have OC e-mail through the MyOkanagan system. Check the website to find out how to use it.(

Campus Store

The Okanagan College Campus Store is located in the Student Services Building. They supply all textbooks, stationery, binders, art materials, Okanagan College clothing, and almost everything you will need for your studies.
The names of the textbooks for each course are listed on a bulletin board outside the bookstore. Please do not buy any books before your instructor has told you exactly which ones you need.

KEEP THE RECEIPT! Any book can be returned if it is in good condition and if you have the receipt for its purchase. If you want to exchange a book or obtain a refund, you must do it as soon as possible. It will not be possible to return a book if you wait more than 14 days.

Hours are: Monday – Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
For hours during the first week of the semester, please check at the Campus Store.
Students can sometimes buy used books. Used books are marked with large yellow or orange ‘USED” stickers. Before you buy any used books, be sure that the author and edition are the same as the one your instructor has requested.

Bus Tickets/Passes and Schedules

Bus Passes
A monthly bus pass costs $55.00, semester passes cost $175.00 and are available only for the fall and winter semesters. Sheets of ten, non-expiring tickets can be purchased for $22.50. Bus timetables are also available at the Students’ Union store located in the Health Building.

Postal Services

You can buy postage stamps at the Okanagan College Campus Bookstore.
For the post office nearest your home, search the internet for  “Canada Post Corp”- Retail Outlets.

Mailing letters, cards, postcards to:
other places in Canada - $1.00
the United States - $1.20
other countries - $2.50

If the envelope is heavy, there will be an extra charge.
Extra cost: “Priority Post” or “Special Delivery” for faster service. “Registered Mail” offers safe (but slow) delivery.

Counselling Services

Check at the Student Services office S111 for counselling on:
  • depression
  • loneliness
  • anxiety
  • anger
  • substance abuse
  • personal problems
  • time management
  • stress and exam anxiety
  • study and communication skills
  • goal setting
  • decision making
  • testing.
See counselling for details

The Learning Centre

(Library, Room L2O4) across from the circulation desk.
The Learning Centre is open to all students and provides additional opportunities to achieve academic success. Students can find learning assistance, one-to-one or small group tutoring, and help with study and learning strategies. Assistance is provided for ESL, General Business, Accounting, English, Math, etc.  The Centre’s goal is to assist students to become effective, independent learners.

Accessibility Services

Students with disabilities (physical, visual, learning, hearing, maybe eligible for free support services.
Call 250 762-5445, ext. 4477 or 4119 for more information.

Athletics, Recreation and Student Life 

Recreational/cultural activities can be found on the campus recreation brochure and website, International Education will promote any additional activities. If you are interested in any of these events please note sign-up deadlines, as capacity is sometimes limited. Kindly check with Campus Recreation for sign up sheets or sign up sheets can sometimes be found on the front desk inside the International Education Office.

If you sign up for an activity, please show up on time!

Campus Recreation is located in the Student Services Building.

Campus Restaurants

The Cafeteria is situated across from the Student Services Building. The food is prepared by our culinary arts students and is economical and nutritious. The cafeteria may not be open during the summer.

(next to the Cafeteria) offers a full dining experience and is open to the public at lunch and some evenings. Check with them for opening times.

Fezziwigs is located in the atrium in the E building, just outside the International Education Office. Food is prepared fresh daily. It has soups, sandwiches, salads etc.

There are also a variety of vending machines located in most buildings around campus.

Microwave ovens for student use are available in the:

  • Student Services Building
  • Dormitories
  • Trades Building
  • Lab Building


Phones on Campus
Phones are located in the Student Services building near the doors to the cafeteria, as well as on the second floor of the Lab ‘C’ Building and in the Trades Building. For local calls only.

Phone General Info
  • B.C. area codes include: and 250, 778 and 604.  250 ( Kelowna and BC) 778 (all of BC) 604 ( Vancouver and Lower Mainland)
  • You must dial the area code before the number even for local calls. For example  250-111-2222.
Cell phone
  • Many companies offer the best deal when you sign up for a 3 year plan.
  • If you do not plan to stay in Canada for 3 years or more, consider getting a one year plan or a pay-as-you-go phone.

Landline Phone
  • Getting a Landline telephone is both inexpensive and fast.
  • The Telephone Company Telus or Shaw will either sell or rent a phone. 
  • You must pay a minimum deposit of $200.
  •  The service charge will cover the cost of all local telephone calls, so you don’t have to pay each time you make a call.