Medical Coverage

All international students must have medical insurance for the time they are in Canada. International Education will arrange medical insurance for you as follows:

$2.00 per day – –
If your study permit is less than six (6) months duration or you do not have a study permit, coverage for can be extended on a daily basis to cover you for the time that you are in Canada. You will be charged for this medical insurance. insures students against the expense of medical service resulting from an illness or injury which first occurred while insured. This plan also covers prescriptions. Coverage for family members ($2.00 per day per person) is also available.

$75 per month – BC Medical

If your study permit is longer than six (6) months duration you must also apply for coverage under BC Medical Services which is operated by the BC Government. You must be in BC for 90 days before this coverage begins. This coverage continues as long as you remain in BC, have a current study permit, and keep your premium payments up to date. You must inform BC Medical if any of these conditions change.

BC Medical covers medically required services provided by general practitioners, specialists and supplementary health care practitioners, laboratory services and diagnostic procedures. It does not include prescription coverage.

Visiting a Doctor
For minor illnesses or injuries you should visit a “walk-in” clinic. You do not need to make an appointment. Most walk-in clinics are open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Check the yellow pages of the phone book under “Clinics”            

Walk-in clinics or doctor’s offices may ask you to pay for the office visit. You should ask for a detailed receipt and take it to the International office where they can help you complete the claim form, if needed.
 Here is a list of convenient medical, dental and optometry clinics:

Mission Park Medical Clinic
102-3320 Richter Street
Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-868-8222
Orchard Medical Centre 
104-1990 Cooper Road
 Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-861-3235
Medi-Kel  Walk-In Clinic
Inside the Real
Canadian Superstore
by the Pharmacy
Tel: 250-862-4996
Primacy - North Okanagan
Medical Clinic

5001 Anderson Way
Vernon, BC 
Upstairs Inside Superstore
Phone: 250-545-8338 
Creekside Dental Clinic
5-757  K.L.O Road
Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-862-9472
Mission Park Dental Clinic
105-595 K.L.O. Rd,
 Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-868-0030
Tutt Street Optometry Clinic
Suite 3, 2918 Tutt Street
Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-762-3309
Orchard Park Optometry
530-2271 Harvey Avenue,
Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-762-2090


Visiting the Hospital

You should only go to the Hospital if it is an emergency or if the walk-in clinics are closed and you can not wait until they re-open.

If you do not have BC Medical, the hospital will charge you a  non-resident fee. If you are covered under you will need to submit a claim to them and they will pay the hospital directly.

If you have BC Medical, show your care card when you register so charges can be billed directly to BC Medical.

No Medical Insurance
If you do not have medical insurance the cost to stay or be treated in the hospital is very expensive. A visit to the emergency room will cost at least $570. If you are admitted it will cost about $3,000 per day. If you have surgery it will cost at least $2,000. Doctors will also charge you for their time.

Okanagan College Students’ Union Extended Medical and Dental

This is mandatory for academic students. Students enrolled in university courses of at least nine contact hours per week are automatically enrolled in the Students’ Union Extended Health and Dental Plan. These fees are charged at the time of registration.

This is a one-year plan with fees split between the fall and winter semesters.
Coverage is from September 1 until August 31. In order to waive the fees for this coverage a student must demonstrate equivalent coverage by another extended health and/or dental plan. Proof of such coverage must be provided within the first two weeks of classes. Students must complete the online waiver formlinks to external site and submit it to the Students’ Union office (H125).

Late waiver forms will not be accepted. For detailed information about this plan, please refer to the Okanagan College Students’ Union Benefits Plan brochure available at the Students’ Union office, or talk with a representative at the Students’ Union office.

 How to Apply for OC