Medical Insurance & Coverage

All international students will be enrolled with medical insurance (provided on arrival in Canada. Only students already in Canada and enrolled in a Canadian provincial medical plan such as British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) are exempt from the mandatory insurance. 

Do you have a study permit valid for 6 months or longer?
  • YES – Eligible for MSP. Go to A.
  • NO - NOT eligible for MSP. Go to B.

medical timeline

 medical insurance 
Medical Services Plan (MSP)

Coverage period

For the first 3 month

  • Activated automatically for all new students about 5 days before start of semester for up to 90 days
  • Students without a study permit will remain on coverage for duration of studies

After the first 3 month

  • (90 day eligibility period)



Cost to student up to $180

Monthly premiums determined by BC government and billed directly to students

How to enroll

You are automatically enrolled if have registered in classes.

Apply online soon after you arrive in Canada or at the Orientation session.

'How to Apply for MSP Online' Guide

How to get a card

guardme card

Ready for pick up at the international education office after 2nd week of classes

msp card

Mailed to your local home address Processing time is about 1 month

More Information & Contacts website

International Education office (Kelowna) 250-862-5443

Health Insurance BC


At any Service BC office (Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon)



If I already have MSP or another Canadian provincial/territorial health insurance.
You can apply to opt out of with supporting documents within the 1st month of classes


Visiting a Doctor

For minor illnesses or injuries, you should visit a “walk-in” clinic. You do not need to make an appointment. Most walk-in clinics are open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. 

Always take your medical insurance card (MSP or with you when you go to a doctor or clinic.  

For the insured, walk-in clinics or doctor’s offices may ask you to pay for the office visit. You should ask for a detailed receipt and make a claim

Go to Medimap for wait times at nearby clinics. Here is a list of convenient medical, dental and optometry clinics:

Mission Medical Centre(Nearestfrom the College)
102-3320 Richter Street,Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-868-8222

Orchard Medical Centre( preferred)
104-1990 Cooper Road,Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-861-3235

1715 Ellis Street,Kelowna, BC
Inside Pharmasave
Tel: 250-862-4996

Primacy -North OkanaganMedical Clinic
5001 Anderson Way,Vernon, BC
Upstairs Inside Superstore
Tel: 250-545-8338

Creekside Dental Clinic
5-757K.L.O Road,Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-862-9472

Mission Park Dental Clinic
105-595 K.L.O. Road,Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-868-0030

Tutt Street Optometry Clinic
Suite 3, 2918 Tutt Street,Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-762-3309

Orchard Park Optometry
530-2271 Harvey Avenue,Kelowna, BC
Tel: 250-762-2090

Visiting the Hospital

You should only go to the Hospital if it is an emergency or if the walk-in clinics are closed and you can not wait until they re-open.

If you do not have MSP, the hospital will charge you a non-resident fee. If you are covered under you will need to submit a claim to them and they will pay the hospital directly.

If you have MSP, show your BC Services Card when you register so charges can be billed directly to MSP.


Okanagan College Students’ Union Extended Health and Dental Plan

This is mandatory for full time academic students who are enrolled in 3 or more classes. To verify that you are enrolled, check your tuition fee statement (Kelowna Dental Plan, Kelowna Extended Health Plan). These fees are charged at the time of registration.

Students are billed by semester and coverage is from Sep 1 to Dec 31 for the Fall semester and from Jan 1 to Aug 31 for the Winter semester. 

If you are covered by an equivalent Health and Dental Plan, you may opt out by going online to and following the step by step directions. Please note that you will have to send your proof of coverage to in order for your opt out to be complete. Both the online opt out and the proof of coverage must be completed no later than the third Friday after your program start date.

Please note that your or MSP card is not considered acceptable proof of coverage.

For more information about this plan, please refer to the OCSU’s webpage ( or talk with a representative at the Students’ Union office (H125).