Application, Tuition and Student Fees

Application Fee

$100.00 (non-refundable & must be paid before application will be processed) 

Tuition Deposit

 A non-refundable deposit of $ 500.00 CAD is required to hold your seat in your program and will open your registration for your classes. This deposit will be applied to your tuition fees and is payable by the  date noted in your letter of admission. The balance of tuition and student fees are payable before classes start.

Tuition Fee

International student tuition fees are based on a per course fee.  Students taking three courses will still be considered full-time students and have all the benefits that this offers – including a more manageable course load, and the opportunity for off-campus work provided they meet all requirements. Prices do not include student association fees (applicable to ESL for Academic Purposes, Certificate, Diploma and Degree programs only).

English for Academic Purposes Certificate – Kelowna Campus
* Please note there will be a tuition increase for International students starting September 2016
$ 1,236 per course (80 hour course/4 month semester)
$ 2,472 per course (160 hour course/4 month semester) 

Degree/Diploma Programs

$ 1,236 per course

Trades Programs, Engineering Technology or Health and Social Development Programs

Please contact our International Education Advisors or see Annual Date Schedule and Tuition Fees

  • Non-Instructional Programming
  • An academic and language support center to help with your learning needs

Student Fees

* Students fees apply to all students and include student activity fees, development and technology fees, student union fees

Student Activity Fees approximately $30

Student Association Fees approximately $60

Development and Technology Fee Fall and Winter / semester approximately $120
Spring and Summer / session approximately $70

For programs with courses that start at the beginning of a semester, your account must be paid in full by the fee payment deadline. If you add or change courses after the fee payment deadline additional fees may be charged to your account.  

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