Bridge Coverage

Okanagan College requires that all international students have valid medical insurance for the duration of their studies.

Do you have a study permit valid for 6 months or longer?

  • YES – Eligible for MSP. Go to A.
  • NO - NOT eligible for MSP. Go to B.

medical insurance timeline 201830


3 month Bridge medical insurance:  (effective September 2018)

  • We automatically enroll all new international and exchange students with mandatory insurance for the first 3 months in their 1st semester.
  • The cost for this insurance for one person is approximately $60/month payable to Okanagan College student account.
  • If you are a short-term student in program 6 months of less such as ESL and without a study permit, you will stay on coverage the entire duration of your studies at Okanagan College.


Continuing students:

  • We automatically enroll all continuing international and exchange students with insurance if proof of MSP has not been received.


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