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Gap Analysis Research Results
The first year of research work completed for the Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence focused on identifying the areas in the nonprofit sector where further education and training were most needed for operational success.  The final outcomes were presented to key stakeholders from the Central Okanagan Non-profit community in July 2015.  This presentation included the key findings from both the qualitative and quantitative gap research undertaken throughout the first year of operation of the Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence.

The results highlight keys areas aimed at improving the sustainability of organizations.  These areas include external support services, board and organizational capacity, finances, public awareness and image as well as implementation of operations and innovative sustainability practices.  The link to the report from the survey is posted here: Challenges in Achieving Non-Profit Sustainability - A Study of the Social Service Non-Profit Sector in the Central Okanagan

2016 Objectives:

The second year built upon the needs analysis and identified resources and developed curriculum targeted to further support the capacity and sustainability of non-profit organizations in the Central Okanagan.  Based on the results of 2015's gap analysis research, the following areas were identified, and piloted training to nonprofit leaders in some of the areas was conducted:

  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Financial Management
  3. Fund Development including Social Entreprise
  4. Strategic Plan Implementation
  5. Impact Reporting
  6. Collaboration
In order to further develop the knowledge base regarding these areas, a second phase of survey research was designed and completed in March 2016.  Focusing on staff, volunteers and managers within the Central Okanagan non-profit sector, this study addressed the areas of human resources, internal financial resources, organizational culture and activities and programs.  The findings related to these areas can be found in the final report posted here: Contributing Factors to Social Service Non-Profit Mission Attainment in the Central Okanagan.

2017 Objectives:

The third year is continuing with program implementation. Curriculum is being built, tested and evaluated in the gap areas identified above within the nonprofit sector. As the training gets refined, it will be made available to a wider audience through our website.

In order to determine how best to make these resources available and utilized, a third phase of survey research was conducted in March 2017. The findings identified methods in which nonprofit organizations can be encouraged and engaged to participate in training activities and common barriers they face. To access the study, please see: A Study Designed to Explore Non-profit Sustainability through Training and Resource Development.

Please refer back to this site for progress reports, opportunities to participate and project announcements.  We welcome your input and comments.