Trades Technology Teacher Education (TTTE)

Teaching Trades & Technology in the K-12 Education System
About the program

The Trades Technology Teacher Education (TTTE) diploma program is for individuals wishing to pursue a career combining interest in education, skilled trades and technology. TTTE prepares graduates for instructing both youth and adults.

The TTTE program covers general skilled trade applications including health and safety, tools, and shop equipment, as well as the following five trade-specific subjects: metalworking, woodworking, automotive technology, power technology, and heavy mechanical. Alongside these skilled trade applications, TTTE participants learn about electronics, drafting and design, and robotics. These areas correspond with the BC Ministry of Education's Technology Education Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) prescribed learning outcomes.

Individuals who may be interested in this program include:
  • Anyone interested in an alternate path to becoming a K-12 teacher​

  • Existing BC school teachers wishing to instruct trades and technology courses in the K-12 system and/or pursue a secondary degree in adult education

  • The Red Seal Endorsed (RSE) skilled tradesperson targeting a supervisory, managerial, instructional* or training position

  • The technology professional wanting to focus on industry education and training

  • Anyone wishing to work toward their Bachelor of Education degree in Adult Education while focusing on trades and technology 

Program pathways

The TTTE diploma program with a TTTE certificate option is offered in collaboration with Brock University. Along with the OC courses comprising the TTTE certificate, the diploma option includes additional OC transfer credit and Brock University courses, which together qualify graduates for the TTTE diploma and Brock Certificate in Adult Education. In addition it provides 7.5 out of 15 Brock credits towards the Bachelor degree (B.Ed.) in Adult Education. Current degree holders are automatically eligible for Brock's B.Ed. upon completion of the diploma portion of the TTTE program.

TTTE diploma applicants are required to register with both Okanagan College and Brock University. For those individuals interested in the TTTE certificate program alone, registration with Brock is not required.

For those interested in becoming K-12 teachers, the TTTE diploma and Brock Adult Ed degree can help students meet UBCO's B. Ed. entrance requirements. A bachelor's degree, along with specific courses, is now required to enter UBCO's 16 month B.Ed. program. See program webpage for further details.

Training Path

The three components in the complete training path to become a Trades Technology Teacher are:

  1. Technical studies (66 credits): Completion of this two-year Trades Technology Teacher Education (TTTE) Diploma program at Okanagan College (includes six credits of-first year English courses)

  2. Teaching studies (54 credits): Completion of a one-year Secondary Teacher Education program with a Trades Technology Specialty at UBC Okanagan.

  3. Academic studies (30 credits): Completion of 30 credits of university courses acceptable to the BC College of Teachers

Students who complete the Technical studies (this TTTE Program) and the Teaching studies (the Secondary Teacher Education program with a Trades Technology Specialty) are eligible for the BC College of Teachers (BCCT) Conditional Teaching Certificate, which allows the student to begin teaching at a public school in the province of B.C. The conditional certificate requires completion of 30 credits of academic studies, within five years, to be eligible for the full BC Professional Teaching Certificate and Bachelor of Education degree.

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Admission requirements

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