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 Winter 2017

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ANTH 111 Intro to Biological Anthropology**
CRIM 204 Women, Crime & Justice
ECON 125 Principles of Macroeconomics
ENGL 100 University Writing
ENGL 153 CWR: Narrative
ENGL 215 Studies in Reading Film**
FREN 111 Introductory French II
GEOG 121 Intro to Physical Geog: Water & Landscapes
HIST 122 Canada Since 1867**
HIST 206 Aboriginal-Settler Relations in Canada**
PHIL 121 Intro to Philosophy II**
POLI 111 The Politics of Human Rights**
PSYC 121 Intro to Psychology: Personal Functioning**
PSYC 242 Abnormal Psychology
SOCI 121 Intro to Sociology II
SOCI 204 Women, Crime & Justice
Admission requirements for all courses:
BC secondary school graduation or equivalent, or 19 years of age and our of school for one year English 12 with minimum 60% or alternatives.
**Great course to take Part Time!
Part Time

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