It wasn’t that long ago that Mag was a student at Okanagan College herself, working towards her undergraduate degree in the Arts and majoring in English. She finished her degree in Kelowna in 1998 and starting working at Okanagan College as a library technician, saying this about gaining the position, “I thought library jobs were awarded by God.”

Her love and enthusiasm towards her first job at the College is tremendously compelling. For Mag, it was an added bonus that the position was with a school where she says “there’s an intimacy that gives students a sense of security.”

Mag now works in the Success Centre at the Kalamalka campus and with the Institute for Leadership in Learning and Teaching.

Mag sees her involvement with the ILLT as an opportunity to promote the work she does in the Success Centre, saying that her job is by nature extremely learner-centred; a concept the ILLT deems especially significant. Mag is the Fellow for Student Services with an instructional focus which includes librarians, learning centre coordinators, education and ed. tech. advisors, HR advisors, counsellors and recruiters.

The common thread between these positions is that they all exist to assist students and to provide support that acts as a safety net for the students, says Mag.

Her paramount goal for the ILLT is for it to make the College a significant player in British Columbia’s post-secondary environment.

“We are all learners and educators; we can’t be effective educators without being learners,” said Mag. “If a person stops learning, you close your mind to newness in general. How can you keep the education process dynamic if you’re not learning and open minded?”

Mag considers herself to be a life-long learner. Her next goal is to obtain a master’s degree. Through her work at Okanagan College and with the ILLT Mag has inspired thousands of students, including me, to continue on in our quest for learner-centred lives.