iPhone / iPad

How to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the eduroam wireless network:

1. Tap Settings > Wi-Fi.  Turn on Wi-Fi and your device will display a list of available wireless networks


2. Tap eduroam. 
Once your device is connected to eduroam, a check-mark will appear to the left of the network name and the Wi-Fi logo  will appear in the status bar at the top left of your display.


3. Since this is a secure network, you will be prompted to enter your username and password.

  • Username: your 9-digit OC ID Number + @okanagan.bc.ca  [e.g.300123456@okanagan.bc.ca]
  • Password: your 'network' password (used to login to computers on campus)


Further helpiOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connectionslinks to external site