Setup connection to eduroam wireless network using Windows 7

 Step 1 – CLICK on the new Windows 7 Start button (bottom left)
               TYPE manage wireless in the start menu search field
                CLICK the Manage wireless networks shortcut from the top of the displayed results.

step 1 screenshot

Step 2 – CLICK on Add then CLICK manually create a network profile.

step 2 screenshot

Step 3 – TYPE eduroam in Network Name
                CHOOSE WPA2-Enterprise from the Security type drop-down menu
                and CLICK Next.

step 3 screenshot

Step 4 – CLICK on Change connection settings

step 4 screenshot

Step 5 – CLICK on the Security tab at the top
                CLICK on the Settings button beside network authentication method – which should say EAP (PEAP)

step 5 screenshot

Step 6 – SCROLL down the list of Trusted Root Certification Authorities and CHECK Verisign Class 3 Public … - G5
                CLICK the Configure button beside Authentication Method (Which should say Secure Password EAP-MSCHAP v2)

step 6 screenshot

Step 6a – Remove CHECK from Automatically use my Windows logon name and password option.
                  CLICK OK, OK, OK until all dialog/setting boxes have been closed.

step 6a screenshot

Step 7 – A balloon notification should pop-up requiring additional information.
                CLICK on the notification balloon.

step 7 screenshot

Step 8 – A Windows Security window should open prompting you for your username and password.
                TYPE your full student number followed by AND your associated password.

step 8 screenshot

Step 8a – If you forgot to CHECK the Verisign G5 Security Certificate in Step 6, your connection may fail,
                  OR you may simply be prompted with an option to CLICK Connect anyway.

step 8a screenshot

If you have difficulties connecting to the eduroam network please contact the Help Desk at local 4444 for assistance.