field guide text
S104 is a Lecture Theatre
Capacity: 240
AV Equipment includes:
  • Ceiling-mounted NEC LCD projector
  • Electric projection screen - control backstage right
  • Sound system - audio rack backstage right
  • Whiteboard on wheels
  • Overhead projector on a cart
Connect your laptop to:
  • VGA cable - cable bundle backstage right
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • network cable
  • AC power cord

Blu-Ray DVD player in the backstage equipment rack is connected to the projector over HDMI. Use the projector remote to select the HDMI input.​

Computer and DVD audio levels are controlled from the audio mixer in the rack. Channels are labelled.
Power to the mixer and power amp are on the right side switch of the Mid-Atlantic power supply near the top of the rack. Two yellow sliders at bottom right of mixer are main output levels. Leave power amp levels at 12 o'clock.
Sign out keys, projector remote, podium & lav mic from information kiosk in lobby

User guide
Classroom AV Support Direct Line: 1-800-836-5499