field guide text
A141 is a Mid-Sized Classroom
Capacity: 24
AV Equipment includes:
  • Ceiling-mounted NEC M311W LCD projector
  • Pull-down projection screen
  • Ceiling-mounted sound system
  • VHS/DVD player in cabinet
  • Anchor AN-100 powered speaker in cabinet
  • *Used to have a TOA wireless clip-on mic system but the mic and transmitter are missing
Connect your laptop to:
  • VGA cable
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • network cable
  • AC power cord
Use the volume buttons on the remote to control sound levels.
This room has a TOA wireless lapel mic system. Receiver is mounted in the ceiling. Mic is in a plastic container in the storage room. (*container empty 8 Sept 2017)

If the projector doesn't respond to the remote, try turning off the room lights.

Classroom AV Support Direct Line