Classroom AV

Current Issues:

Booking AV & Media Equipment

  • How to book AV or Media Equipment (pdf)
  • Interesting Links:
    Document Cameras Build your own low-budget document camera using a webcam (pdf)

    We have AverVision 300p or Epson DC20 document cameras available at all OC campuses.
    watch the document camera demo (.wmv)

    Audio Visual Technology In OC Classrooms
  • Guide - classrooms with LCD projector remotes
  • Guide - theater - how to use the AV equipment
  • Guide to the KLO theatre - including sound, lighting and projection
  • Using AV442 speakers as stage monitors (pdf)
  • Macs and LCD projectors/displays
  • Epson Brightlink Interactive Projector - user guide for model 455Wi
  • E202 Epson Projector guide
  • using the Bose sound system in the KLO Centre for Learning atrium

    LCD Projection
    We're working towards having a ceiling mounted LCD projector and sound system installed in all OC classrooms.
    Here's how the standard model is designed to work.
    When you walk into the room you'll see an LCD projector mounted in the ceiling. Look for the projector remote somewhere at the front of the room.
    nec projector

    Connecting To Your Computer
    There should be a long cable coming out of the wall somewhere at the front of the room. This cable contains connectors for your laptop computer display, network connection and audio.

    Connect the 15-pin VGA cable to the monitor output on your laptop.

    vga cable
    Connect the network cable to the network port on your laptop (optional - you can also run your laptop on the wireless network). ethernet cable
    Connect the 3.5mm stereo audio plug to the headphone jack on your computer (optional).

    Connect the ungrounded extension cord to the AC adapter of your computer (optional).
    3.5mm miniplug

    Start Up Your Computer.
    Usually, by turning on the projector first, connecting the laptop, then starting the laptop, the computer will automatically recognize that there's a second monitor and show whatever's on the laptop screen up on the projection screen. If it doesn't, your laptop will have some key sequence that sends the image out the VGA port (press Fn-F7 for older Lenovo laptops, Windows-P for newer Lenovo laptops). This will either cycle through the various screen options, or launch the presentation manager where you can choose to display on both the laptop LCD screen and the projector (in 1024 x768 resolution).

    Audio for your computer (if you've plugged the cable into the headphone jack) is controlled from both the computer audio controls and the volume buttons on the projector remote. The projector feeds an audio amplifier hidden in the ceiling, which in turn feeds ceiling mounted speakers.

    Turning off the projector:
    Press the off button on the projector remote. An on-screen message will ask you to confirm the shutdown. Note: once you turn off the projector it goes into a cooldown mode and you can't turn it again again for a couple of minutes. 

    How To Select Subtitles on DVD/VHS combo players

    To access subtitles on any of the DVD/VHS combo players use the following information.
    Startup LCD  Projector using the white NEC Remote.   Turn on the DVD/VCR, open the disk tray to receive the new DVD disk.  Once the disk is read by the DVD/VCR player, press the stop button [] on the Sony player or the Sony remote control device which stops the unit but does not turn off the DVD/VCR player.  On the Sony remote select the Menu button or the Top Menu button of the remote while pointing the Sony remote control device at the Sony DVD/VCR Player in the cabinet.  Do Not Point the DVD/VCR remote at the projector as it will not care.  The NEC projector will ignore that signal that the Sony player tries to send, only the DVD/VCR will access that signal request and perform what you wanted. 
    Once you have the Movies' Main Menu of the DVD disk displayed select the Language Options Menu or Disk Options Menu or Accessory Menu or the Subtitles Menu.  It will depend on what the Movies' manufacturer choose to design to provide access to the movies subtitles track.  It may be the Soundtrack Options menu, if nothing else works.  Once you select the Subtitles option then select what language you want, select that item and then go back to the Main Menu and choose Play Menu,  and subtitles will appear.  
    (This information also pertains to the Samsung DVD/VCR Combo players.)