OC Online Course Quality Standards


These standards were developed in spring 2013 after consultation with 12 faculty and staff members on three campuses.



Learner Support

Do students know where to find tech help?

Do students know how to succeed as an online learner?

Do students know who the teacher is and how to contact?

Solid Instructional Design

Are the learning objectives obvious & measurable?

Are there clearly identified interaction tools?

Does the online layout match the instructional design?

Is the syllabus available & obvious?

Do the materials contribute to achieving objectives?

Is it clear how to get started?

Assessment & Evaluation

Is there a variety of assessments that measure the objectives?

Are students given a chance to provide feedback?

Are grades set up properly at the beginning of the course?

Innovative Teaching  with Technology

Does the course use different media (images, video, and audio?)

Does the technology contribute to achieving the objectives?

Is the technology tablet and/or mobile friendly?

Fit & Finish

Does the course look clean & organized?

Are unnecessary topics removed?

Are topics named properly?

Does the look match the course content?

Have dates been adjusted and is everything working 100%?


If you have questions about how to achieve these standards feel free to contact Ross McKerlich or Mike Minions in the Education Technology Center