Energy Management

Okanagan College is committed to sustainability and seeks to be an environmental steward in our local communities and beyond.  A key part of our commitment to sustainability is the development and expansion of environmentally responsible energy systems.  The team at Facilities Management works within its mandate to place Okanagan College as one of the region's leaders in sustainability, including hiring Rob St. Onge, an Energy Specialist, in May 2010.  As part of our mission to manage our energy effectively, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to do things.  Beyond actively monitoring and reporting on our actual usage, we are also actively pursuing renewable and environmentally responsible energy sources whenever possible.  Some of the key developments and initiatives in energy management are highlighted below.

Heat Recovery Plant: One of our biggest successes come in the from of the Heat Recovery Plant which pulls heat form the Treated Effluent Water provided by the Waste Water Treatment Plant which happens to be our neighbor.  Additional details about our Energy Conservation Project can be found here

Energy Waste Reporting Tool:
If you see energy being wasted unnecessarily, visit this page to get in touch with our Energy Specialist, Rob St. Onge.  He reviews and responds to all concerns.

Pay It Forward Lighting Campaign: You may have seen green laminated cards around campus that remind you to turn off unused lighting.  Turning off lights in unused spaces is one of the easiest ways you can contribute to energy conservation.  We encourage employees and students to make use of the "Pay It Forward" cards and challenge your colleagues to join with you in becoming more sensitive to your energy consumption.

Energy Saving Initiatives: For a list of recently implemented energy savings intiatives, click here.
  • Salmon Arm Trades - Expansion and HVAC Upgrade
  • Kelowna - CFL Server Room Dedicated Cooling
  • All Campuses - T-12 to T-8 Lighting Upgrades
  • All Campuses - Shop Door / Heating Interlocks
  • All Campuses - Room Temperature Setpoint standardization
  • All Campuses - Classroom Scheduling Control
  • Kelowna - Pipeline Welding HVAC and Lighting Upgrade
  • Kelowna - Residence Solar Heating Upgrade
  • Vernon Library lighting upgrade
  • Kelowna Cafeteria lighting upgrade

For Your Information

Space Heaters:
Did you know that space heaters use enough power to light an entire classroom? 

Carbon Neutral Action Plan

Historical Energy Consumption Data:

Energy 2015