Inspection of Premises

Regular inspection of premises, equipment, work methods and practices are a direct responsibility of the departments within the Faculty/Division. In relation to this, the Safety Committee has a contributory responsibility to determine that regular inspections are done.


Regular inspections will be arranged in each work area by the Health & Safety Coordinator. These inspections will be done at least once a month in the following areas:


  • Vocational and Trades shopsVocational compound areaCafeteriaFine ArtsScience Labs, Chemical StorageStores, Shipping, Receiving
  • Maintenance and custodial areas


  • Chemical Storage
  • Science Labs
  • Maintenance and custodial areas


  • Chemical StorageScience Labs
  • Maintenance and custodial areas


  • Chemical StorageScience Labs
  • Maintenance and custodial areas

In addition to regular inspections, each employee is responsible for continuous evaluation of their work area or area of responsibility. Any concerns should be reported to the Faculty/Divisional Dean/Director/Manager.

Special inspections are required when a serious malfunction or accident has taken place. The supervisor will be responsible for ensuring immediate corrective action is taken where warranted. Any concerns should be reported to the Health & Safety Coordinator and Faculty/Divisional Dean/Director/Manager; Supervisor (area); OH & S Committee.

The Faculty/Divisional Dean/Director/Manager will ensure that corrective action is taken and feedback is provided to the relevant area and to the Safety Committee.

Special supplementary inspections may be required on occasion when equipment such as a vehicle is purchased. Reports of these inspections will be made on the standard form.


A complete inspection of all places of employment including all buildings, grounds, excavations, tools, equipment, machinery and work methods and practices should be conducted by the Health & Safety Coordinator together with members of the Safety Committee for that area on an annual basis.

  • Kelowna
  • Penticton
  • Salmon Arm
  • Vernon
  • Procedures for Safety Inspections are included in Schedule A, page 28.


    Semi-annual inspections of these areas should be conducted by the Health & Safety Coordinator, with emphasis on electrical, storage and general housekeeping regarding fire hazards.

    • Oliver
    • Armstrong
    • Revelstoke
    • Summerland
    • Downtown, Salmon Arm