Employee & Family Assistance

What is an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)?

In addition to the Group Health Benefits Plan, Okanagan College has contracted with an external provider, PPC Canada, to provide confidential counselling and referral services to employees who are on a continuing/regular appointment.  PPC Canada is a private not-for-profit company which provides counseling, training and consultation services to more than 350 organizations across Canada.  PPC Canada’s highly skilled team of professional counselors hold either a PhD or Masters Degree in their related field. In addition, they are licensed or registered Social Workers, Psychologists or Clinical Counsellors.

What types of counseling and referral services are available through PPC Canada?

PPC Canada provides counseling services in the following areas:

  • marriage/relationship/family concerns
  • alcohol/drug dependencies
  • career/work related issues
  • life transitions
  • stress-related problems
  • anger management
  • grief and bereavement
  • sexuality
  • anxiety and depression
  • family violence
  • trauma response and critical incident stress debriefing
  • resource information and referral for financial and legal concerns.

How do I contact an PPC Canada counselor?

Confidential counselling service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by contacting PPC Canada at 1-800-663-9099.

Who is eligible to utilize this service?

Okanagan College employees and their eligible dependents (spouses and children to the age of 19 and full-time students to the age of 21) who are on a continuing or regular appointment are eligible to utilize the services of the Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Is there a cost for the services available through the Employee and Family Assistance Program?

Often, all or most of the cost for services available through the Employee and Family Assistance Program are covered by Okanagan College. If long term or specialized counseling is required, an Interlock counselor will review the available options as well as possible financial implications with you.

Where does PPC Canada provide the service?

Confidential counselling services are provided by credentialed clinicians in offices readily accessible to your workplace or your home. Please contact PPC Canada directly at 1-800-663-9099 to arrange for an appointment.

How can I obtain additional information about PPC Canada and/or the Employee and Family Assistance Program?

The Employee and Family Assistance Program is an important and valuable benefit. If you or one of your family members is ever in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the EFAP.

Help is just a phone call away
Username: healthy
Password: living

On-line Resources:
Does the EFAP provide online services?
Yes. PPC Canada's website contains a library of free health and wellness resources. These resources concern such topics as drug and alcohol addiction, depression, and child and eldercare. To access this library, simply go to our website.

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