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 Fall 2017   Classes Start September 5th, 2017  
 BIOL 111   Biology for Science Majors I Cost:
Lecture & Lab -
$ 396. 30
+ fees & books
 BIOL 112
  Evolution and Ecology
 BIOL 131   Human Anatomy & Physiology I
 CHEM 112   Introduction to Chemistry
 MATH 111  Essentials Math for the Arts  Meet with an Advisor Today!
 MATH 112  Calculus I  

You can take your studies
Full or Part-time. 
Our students talk about the fun
campus life and the strong start they received on their degrees. 

Registrations are accepted until

Sept 15, 2017

 MATH 114  Business Mathematics
 PHYS 111  Calculus Based Physics I
 PHYS 112  Intro to Physics I
 Winter 2018 Classes Start January 3rd, 2018
 BIOL 121  Biology for Science Majors II
 BIOL 122  Physiology for Multicellular Organisms
 BIOL 133  Human Anatomy & Physiology
 CHEM 121  Principles of Chemistry
 MATH 122  Calculus II  
 MATH 221  Intro to Linear Algebra  Apply Today
 PHYS 121  Calculus Based Physics II
 PHYS 122  Intro to Physics II
 STAT 121  Elementary Stats
Students Report Saving over $10,000/yr by living at home!

“My professors were all amazing. I had friends who went straight to larger universities out of high school and from listening to their experience I definitely feel like mine was more in-depth. While they were sitting in classes with 300 people, I was in classes with less than ten, learning from professors who knew my name and cared about my success.”

-Lindsay Booth, Associate of Science student