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 Fall 2017
Classes Start September 5th, 2017 
 Winter 2018
Classes Start January 3rd, 2018
 ANTH 121  Intro to Cultural Anthropology  ANTH 295  Special Topics                
 CMNS 112  Business Communications  ECON 125  Principles of Macroeconomics                
 ECON 115  Principles of Microeconomics  ENGL 100  University Writing                
 ENGL 100  University Writing  ENGL 153  Critical Writing & Reading: Narrative        
 ENGL 151  Critical Writing & Reading: Short Fiction  ENGL 215  Studies in Reading Film                
 ENGL 231
 Studies in Popular Narrative  FREN 111  Intro to French II                
 FREN 105  Beginner's French  GEOG 121  Intro Phys. Geog.:  Water and Landscapes
 GEOG 111  Intro to Physical Geography  GEOG 118  Human Geography                
 GEOG 118  Human Geography: Space, Place & Community  GSWS 204  Women Crime & Justice                
 GSWS 100  Intro to Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies  HIST 122  Canada Since 1867                
 HIST 112  Canada to 1867  HIST 251  The Chinese Republic                
 HIST 241  Late Imperial China  IDST 102  R&R: Postcolonial Period
 IDST 101  Resistance & Revolution: Colonial Period  PHIL 121  Intro to Philosophy II                
 PHIL 111  Intro to Philosophy I  POLI 111  The Politics of Human Rights                
 POLI 204  Canadian Environment Policy  PSYC 121  Intro to Psychology- Personal Functioning
 PSYC 111  Intro to Psychology- Basic Processes  PSYC 242  Abnormal Psychology              
 PSYC 220  Lifespan Development  SOCI 121  Intro to Sociology II                
 SOCI 111  Intro to Sociology  SOCW 200B  Intro to Social Welfare in Canada