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  • South Okanagan Crisis Line 1.800.784.2433


 National Victims Awareness Week   National Victims of Crime Awareness Week happens each year. In 2017 it was held from May 28th to June 3rd. For more information, visit the Government of Canada webpage.


Want to get involved with the Okanagan College Women's Resource Centre on the Penticton Campus? 

Fill out and submit our volunteer application. Completed volunteer applications can be dropped off at the Centre of Excellence Reception Desk.

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Our History

The Okanagan College Women's Resource Centre was established in June, 2011. The idea came about during the fundraising campaign for the Centre of Excellence. Yvonne Harding offered a significant donation to the building fund if the college would designate an area for a Women's Resource Centre.

The college agreed, and we set about finding a way to make it happen. A committee explored various options and decided that it would be best to form a non-profit society to run the Women's Resource Centre at arm's length from the college. Okanagan College would provide material support-space, furniture, computer, telephone - at no cost, while the Centre would raise operating funds. Unfortunately, Yvonne passed away before seeing the completion of the building and launch of the Centre.

At the beginning of our first year of operation (September 2011), Amberlee Erdmann, a UBCO Social Work co-op placement student via the Penticton Area Women's Centre came to work with us. From her experience with PAWC, she helped us set up the office, apply for grants and get the OC WRC up and running. She also helped establish campus and community partners on various projects for which we have been very appreciative. Amberlee now works with the South Okanagan Victim Assistance Society (SOVAS) and has joined the OC Women's Resource Centre Board as a director.

We rely on volunteers like Amberlee to keep the centre running with regular office hours (10 am to 2 pm, Monday to Friday), fundraisers and awareness events. As well, we continue to build on our relationships with partners both on and off campus. 

The WRC is a place where students can come to get resources and community referrals, or just talk to someone, access the free shelf, or find a comfortable place to sit for a while. Our purposes include encouraging individuals of all gender identities and sexual orientations to work toward gender equality and support women on campus to promote an environment where women's leadership will thrive and 
where all members of our campus community feel safe.

Board Members
Priscillia Lefebvre
WRC Chair

Department of Sociology
Okanagan College Penticton Campus
Extension 3255
Anna Wolleben
WRC Treasurer
Regional Dean's Office - South
Okanagan College Penticton Campus


Sarah Lefebure
WRC Interim Chair
Okanagan College Penticton Campus
Extension 3232
  Bryan Penfound
WRC Secretary
Math & Stat Department
Okanagan College Penticton Campus

Sheilagh Seaton
WRC Director

Okanagan School of Business
Okanagan College Penticton Campus

  Eva Gavaris
WRC Director

Okanagan College Penticton Campus
Fae Hodgins
WRC Director
Volunteer Coordinator
Okanagan College Penticton Campus

  Amberlee Erdmann
WRC Director

SOVAA Resource Development Coordinator