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Learn about our Facilities, Events, and Sports offered at the Penticton Campus in our

Signups for Fitness Classes & Events start in September!
Check the Guide and stop by the REC office to sign up.

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Contact Us

Athletics, Recreation & Student Life Assistant Coordinator
Phone: 250-492-4305 ext: 3274
Room: PC146

The Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence gymnasium and fitness center are open for students and staff who hold a recreation pass. Purchase your pass at the administration office for $10.00, or drop by if you have any questions!

Hours of Fitness Centre and Gym
Check this schedule to see when the Fitness Centre and Gym are open: August Schedule

Fitness Classes, Recreation, and Sports
Okanagan College is committed to promoting health and wellness for students and staff. The Penticton campus fitness facility offers a wide range of cardio machines and strength training options, as well as a full gymnasium. Come and shoot hoops, play ping pong between classes or get into the fitness center and work off your stress and fidgets. Check out our Recreation Guide for a full list of classes, sports, and events. We look forward to welcoming you.

Entry-level Exercise
If you lack experience in a fitness facility, or want to become more familiar with what our facility has to offer, these sessions are for you. We will cover general knowledge about exercise and the proper use of equipment. Stop by the REC office to find out dates and times.
Note: The fitness center (PC 148) will be closed to all other users at this time