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Families of Canadian Aviation Pioneers launch awards to help students soar
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Families of Canadian Aviation Pioneers launch awards to help students soar
The inspiring lives of two renowned Canadian aviators, Roy Clemens and Margaret Fane Rutledge, are being commemoratedaviation by their families through the creation of new awards that will help students take flight through the College's commercial aviation diploma program.

Valued at $1,000 each,
The Roy Clemens Memorial Award in Aviation and Margaret Fane Rutledge Award in Aviation, 
are intended to recognize and celebrate the remarkable contributions to Canada’s aviation history made by Clemens and Rutledge, respectively.

“We are proud to recognize the legacy of these two aviation forerunners” says Barry McGillivray, Associate Dean, Okanagan College School of Business. “These awards in their honour will assist young pilots in their training. Okanagan College is very grateful to the Clemens and Rutledge families for their generous support in creating these awards.” 

Both aviators faced significant hurdles during their lengthy careers in the air, and both rose to the challenges in ways that Okanagan College, and their families, hope will inspire students to follow their dreams of flight. 


Read more about the awards, and the opportunities they will create for students, in the press release.