Board of Directors

President's Message

Sharron Simpson June 2017

Sharron Simpson was elected President of the Okanagan College Foundation in June 2017, and re-elected for a second term in June 2018. 

A former Kelowna city councillor, Simpson was born in Kelowna and worked as a social worker for several years before becoming a stockbroker and financial advisor. She has been an active community leader in a volunteer capacity for many years, working with the Kelowna Rotary Club and the British Columbia Historical Federation.

Simpson, who joined the Foundation Board in 2013, sees the College as an integral part of keeping communities in the valley connected and hopes to foster those relationships in her new role. 

“The College does a superb job in providing education that truly transforms the lives of the individuals in our communities. It’s hard to think of anything better than helping students open the doors to opportunity through the support of the Foundation and our donors."

Read more in the media release.

 Okanagan College Foundation Board of Directors

Honorary Patron
Senator Ross Fitzpatrick
Ms. Sharron Simpson
Executive Director & Secretary
Ms. Kathy Butler
Mr. Roy Daykin
Vice-President, Finance
Mr. Alan Sanderson
Vice-President, Fund Development

Mr. Raghwa Gopal

Vice-President, Governance
Mr. Tom Styffe
Vice-President at Large


Past President
Mr. Alf Kempf
President Emeritus
Dr. Steve Tuck
Board Secretary
Ms. Dawn Douglas
 Board Members
Ms. Connie Denesiuk
Mr. Surej Dhillon
Mr. Colin Edstrom

Ms. Susan Ewanick


Ms. Gladys Fraser

Mr. Keith Grayston
Mr. Jim Hamilton
Ms. Mary Ellen Heidt
Mr. Rob Phare
Mrs. Kimberly White-Gilhooly

Campaign Leadership

Current Campaign - Bright Horizons, Building for Skills - Vernon
Campaign Chair
  Mr. Michael Tindall
Previous Campaign - Bright Horizons, Building for Skills - Kelowna
Honorary Chair
  Mr. Ben Stewart
Campaign Chair
  Mr. Dennis Gabelhouse
Campaign Ambassador
  Mr. Mike Roberts
See campaign team page for full cabinet
Previous Campaign - Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence - Penticton
Honorary Co-Chairs
Mr. Rick Thorpe and Mrs. Yasmin John-Thorpe
Previous Campaign - Centre for Learning - Kelowna
Honorary Chair
Mr. Mike Roberts
Campaign Chair
Mr. John Walker

Ambassadors (Former Directors)

Mr. Charles Albas

Mr. Nigel Lark

Mr. Brad Bennett

Mr. Tim Lawler

Mrs. Cheryl Berry

Mr. Greg McGill

Dr. Katy Bindon

Ms. Lorraine McGrath

Mr. Ken Burt

Mr. Peter Meekison

Ms. Bev Busson

Mr. Vern Nielsen

Ms. Anne Clarke


Ms. Susan Connaghan

Ms. Yvonne Pinder

Mr. Jim Cookson

Mr. Frank Richter

Mr. Neal Davies

Dr. Peter Ricketts

Mr. Raf DeGuevara

Ms. Debbie Robert

Mr. Bob Eby

Mr. Rick Roberts

Mr. Norm Embree

Dr. Peter Schultz

Ms. Susan Esson

Mr. Ruby Sharma

Ms. Claudette Everitt

Ms. Janet Shaw

Mr. Alex Fong

Mr. Jim Soles

Dr. Andrew Hay

Mr. George Solomonides

Mr. Jim Henderson

Ms. Sigrid-Ann Thors

Ms. Moira Jaatenmaki

Mr. Michael Tindall

Mr. Steve Jenkins

Mr. Ret Tinning

Mr. Paul Johnson

Mr. Brad Trites

Ms. Magda Kapp

Mr. Michael Wagner

Mr. Denny Kaulback

Ms. Cher Watkins

Mr. Lance Kayfish

Mr. Keith Williams

Dr. Marvin Krank

Ms. Lynda Wilson

Mr. Dale Lamb