Eduroam is a collaborative network of universities and colleges that enables students, staff and faculty of a member institution to connect to the wireless network at any partner institution using the same credentials (for example: username and password) as they do at their home institution.

In British Columbia Okanagan College, BCIT, SFU, TRU, UBC, and UVic are all members of Eduroam. A list of other affiliated Canadian institutions can be found here. Support for Eduroam is provided by the user’s home institution. Please see the FAQ section below for more information.

The Eduroam network at Okanagan College supports WPA2 with AES encryption. A compatible wireless card with updated drivers and patches for your operating system may be required.

Visitors to Okanagan College

If you are a visitor to Okanagan College using the Eduroam network, please follow the setup instructions provided by your home institution. Please contact your home institution if you require assistance. Also note that the Appropriate Use Policies of both Okanagan College and your home institution apply.

Okanagan College students, faculty, and staff

Okanagan College students, staff and faculty can use the Eduroam wireless network at any member institution using their 9-digit Okanagan College Id followed by (e.g. ). The password is the same one you use to log in to any Okanagan College computer.

We recommend that you set up and test your computer at Okanagan College first to make sure that it works before travelling. However, other than testing, please connect to the “OC” network while at Okanagan College as it is the primary wireless network on campus.

If you have a laptop provided by Okanagan College:

To connect to the Eduroam network with a laptop provided by Okanagan College follow the instructions here.

If you have a laptop that was not provided by Okanagan College:

Manual configuration instructions can be found via the following links:

Other Operating Systems or to use Manufacturer's Wireless Utilities

There are a variety of wireless enabled devices that might be able to use WPA2 but do not use the above operating systems. Additionally, some people prefer to use the wireless management utility provided by their manufacturer. Since we cannot cover every instance, the basic information you need for the network are:

  • Network/SSID: eduroam (you may have to manually type this in)
  • Network Authentication Method: WPA2 (also sometimes called WPA2-PEAP, WPA2-RADIUS, or WPA2-Enterprise)
  • Data Encryption Method: AES
  • EAP Type: PEAP
  • Authentication Protocol: MSCHAP-V2
  • Certificate Server: (if there is a mutual authentication option)

Appropriate Use

Users of the Eduroam network must abide by the Appropriate Use guidelines of both Okanagan College and their home/visiting institution. Wherever the respective appropriate use policies conflict, the more restrictive rules will apply. Please see here for the Okanagan College Responsible and Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Eduroam?

Eduroam is a collaborative network that allows students, staff and faculty to access wireless service at cooperating universities without the need for obtaining a guest account. It allows a user visiting another institution to login using the same credentials they would at home.

Where is Eduroam?

A list of Eduroam affiliated Canadian institutions can be found here. The eventual goal is to link with the global Eduroam community comprised of over 450 institutions across 25 countries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

What are the restrictions of Eduroam?

The network restrictions placed on Eduroam is at the discretion of the institution providing the service. At the very minimum, Eduroam provides basic network connectivity for web browsing (HTTP), secure shell (SSH) and VPN only. There is no guarantee that Eduroam will provide the same access to resources as the home or visited institution’s standard wireless networks.

Is it safe to use Eduroam? 

Eduroam wireless networks implement WPA2/AES. This ensures that the wireless portion of your connection is secure; however, you should still continue to use protocols that provide end-to-end encryption such as HTTPS and SSH.

What are the technical requirements for Eduroam?

Connecting to an Eduroam network requires a WPA2 compatible wireless adapter and 802.1x support. The EAP type (TTLS, TLS, PEAP, etc) required by a visiting user will be the same as the user's home institution.

How do I get support for Eduroam?

Users wishing to connect to Eduroam must acquire support from their home institution only. Institutions hosting eduroam connectivity are not required to provide support to visiting guest users. Okanagan College faculty, staff and students, please contact the Okanagan College Help Desk for assistance.

Where can I find out more information about Eduroam?

You can visit the Canadian Eduroam site for more information on the Canadian implementation. For information on the global Eduroam initiative, you can visit the site.