Whether you need to finish high school, improve your literacy skills or upgrade for admission to a program, Adult Academic and Career Preparation (AACP) or Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses and programs offer many options to help adult learners reach their work and education goals in a friendly and supportive learning environment.

  You are eligible if you,
  • are at least 19 years old,
  • or are 18 and have been out of school for at least 12 months,
  • or have a high school graduation diploma,
  • and are a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, landed immigrant or have student authorization issued by Immigration Canada

Students can also take high school level courses or pre-requisites that may be required for university admission or admission to further coursework in college. You do not need to apply to AACP if you are admitted to another program at the College.

  Day and evening classes are available. Most AACP courses are classroom-based. These classes are instructor-led and may include lecture, lab, discussion, cooperative learning, and individualized instruction.

Other classes are self-paced and the instruction is generally one-on-one, but often includes some small group activities.

Some campuses offer flex-classes. These are multi-level, multi-course, self-paced classes that provide students with access to a wide range of courses and an opportunity to choose when to attend.
  Tuition fees vary depending on the course.

Recently, the College announced it would charge tuition for these courses. There is significant financial help available for domestic students that may cover the costs of your tuition, either through the provincial government or through Okanagan College’s Upgrading Bursary. Visit our online resource or connect with one of our financial aid staff at 1-800-767-5492 to find out more.

  The skills assessment is a tool used to determine what course level a student should be place in the AACP program.

No one ever fails the assessment as it is not a test. It is recommended for all students who have been out of high school for three or more years and is required for students who need to complete prerequisite courses.

It usually takes five business days for the results to be available. Contact AACP for your results.

No specific academic background is required. Students entering some AACP courses may be required to complete a skills assessment if they do not meet specific course prerequisites.